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Visualizing the Torus 2

The torus as a graphic representation. Click for more information.


In the first Torus exercise, you imagined the flow of energy, information, and elements as they entered your focus, as you changed their direction, as they left you to change the world around you.

In this exercise you will focus on the flow of information through the torus.

Doing the Exercise

  1. Get warmed up with Richard's Three Step Yin/Yang while walking on a familiar, flat road or path with no traffic or anything to trip you (I mean use common sense here).

  2. Begin by being aware of the flow of the torus as in the first experiment:

    • The movement of information, energy, elements inwards into your center.

    • The mixing of these with you and the moment when you change their direction.

    • The movement of information, energy, elements outward from your focus into the world in all directions.

    • The impact of your changes on the world and the critical moment when you observe this impact.

  3. Now begin to focus on the flow of information, especially information you gain by sight.

For this part, you might want to have someone walking with you who is willing to assist if you goof. If you are unsteady on your feet, or on unsafe terrain, skip the eye closing part.

  1. Open your eyes as you inhale, bringing in information (three steps left-right-left).

  2. Close your eyes as you exhale, combining the elements and information into you and your mind (three steps right - left - right).

  3. Open your eyes as you progress, selecting your pathway into the future (left - right - left),

  4. Close your eyes as you walk your selected path (right - left - right), and

  5. Open your eyes for the next round (left - right - left).

    • Each time you open your eyes feel how much you want to (need to) know where you are, so you can correct any deviation from your expected path. You want vision almost as much as you want to take the next breath.

  6. Close your eyes for 9 steps and open them only for the three steps of the torus where you bring in information.

    • Focus on your growing desire to resume the flow of information from your eyes.

    • Each time you open your eyes again, notice how you have deviated from your desired track and how good it feels to see again.

    • Try to improve your performance by looking ahead before you close your eyes and then using your other senses to keep on track.

Experiment with your feelings as you alter the intervals with eyes open or closed (assuming normal precautions - like having someone by your elbow and being on a level surface without cars, snakes, edges of cliffs, tree roots, or trees or telephone poles to march into etc).

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