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Take a black, felt tipped pen and write

WE is the Reflection of MEME

on a piece of paper in big capital letters.

Get up and go stand in front of a mirror.

Hold the message by the bottom two corners of the paper and read it. ME. Just as you suspected.

Now turn the message over, letting the top fall away from you so the message flips over so your reflection in the mirror can read it.

Read the message your image is holding in the mirror. The reflection of ME is WE.

Look into the eyes of the face in the mirror. Those "I's" believe they are ME yet those eyes are reflections.

The real "human" is holding the paper with the true label, WE.

Within the brain cells of the being looking in the mirror a collective harmony of nerve cells builds a reflection of "outside" reality. This is the inner reflection We call Me.

Now you, the human holding the paper saying ME, says the following words to the WE reflected in the mirror;

Reflection is the mirror of mind.

The present is mind made up in the past.

The future is mind made up in the now.


As you say these words, look into the I's in the mirror. Look directly into the left eye which is looking out trying to say something to the right eye. What is the message you see there, reflected in the mirror?

This is a key to a hidden treasure. And a step towards the next experiment, the Mirror of Time.


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