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The Fractal Seed Unfurls

A rainbow arcs over Moira in Noumea. ©

The fractal seed.

The fractal seed unfurls.

A rainbow unfurls in the sky.

The fractal seed is not the billion of rain drops, not the sun, not you watching it.

The fractal seed begins not inside the raindrop but in the interface between the rain and the air. In the change in direction of sunlight. In the prismatic flair.


That’s where the fractal seed begins; in the interface, in the boundaries of reality.

It spreads outwards, unfurling along a specific and unique route in time and space, as an opportunity, not as a reality.

For it is an unfurling in principle, it is an unfurling in thought, it is an unfurling only if you are there or I am there looking along that trajectory of opportunity, that rainbow in the sky.

And as we walk back and forth, from one side to another, so shall the rainbow move with our perception, unfurling into our awareness.

The fractal seed unfurls, within us.

The fractal seed of the rainbow, the prismatic altering between the air and the water of the raindrops, in all of their countless billions drifting in the sky. The fractal seed unfurls only in the medium of our awareness. Only in the medium of our mind.

Yes, in the case of the rainbow we can safely say that, were we not there, neither you nor I -  was there no awareness, no creature capable of unfurling the seed  - it would not unfurl, it would not exist.

The Fractal Seed must have a domain. The Mandelbrot Set does not exist without a computer for it to exist within, to unfurl within. Like the rainbow, the Mendelbrot Set unfurls from a fractal seed within a matrix of awareness.

So too with all the fractal seeds unfurling. The fractal seed of a smile, a persona, a stance, a tension. The fractal seed of all the being that is you that is I. When you smile at me when you stand there before me, when I touch you and sense your smell, hear your voice, all of the things about you emerge and unfold as a fractal seed within the medium of my mind.

Where is your personna?

Where is your personality?

It is within you. But as a fractal seed. And its domain is in my mind.

Where am I?

For I, too, am a fractal seed; a reflection from the changes at the interface of the moving molecules of the earth. Oxygen stripping from the hemoglobin, carbon dioxide binding only to be released again, liberating, absorbing, adenosine triphosphate blooming its energy as a fractal seed within the domain of my cells. All fractal seeds bouncing off the corners and nooks and crannies of reality, expanding and unfurling a fractal becoming.

And within all this fractal becoming there is a mind.

Within all this fractal becoming there is an awareness.

And it is this awareness, that is the medium in which the fractal pattern of I unfurls.

The words I form create a new fractal pattern. Bouncing off the changes and inflections of the sounds that utter from my mouth, shaped by my lips, vibrated by my vocal cords.

The seed, the awareness, the being, the fractal pattern unfurling is the thought that emerges and vibrates those vocal cords and fires those neurons that shape the muscular changes in my mouth and tongue and lungs to create the words of that fractal seed. But beneath it all is the merging of fractal patterns that is language itself. And language itself is the medium in which the fractal seed of thought unfurls.

As the rainbow unfurls in our awareness and makes itself into a great arc of color spanning the sky. So, too, our understanding and love of that arc unfurls within you and I together through the mind of our language.

There’s no rainbow without me, there’s no rainbow without you. There’s no rainbow without, in this case, the language unfurling it within your mind.

As one fractal pattern unfurls within one domain, it touches upon another fractal seed unfurling in yet another medium, and changes it. That change becomes yet another unfurling fractal seed changing others unfurling in all directions to become the trees and the birds and the clouds and the mountains and the wind blowing over my skin and the clouds forming in the early morning dawn on the magic mountain in the Bay du Prony.

I stand here listening to the sounds of a million drops of water flowing through the sacred river where no one lives. I look out upon its watershed empty of humanity, and I know that all those little drops of water, all those little jumpups, are creating that sound. Lifting together, to form that noise vibrating through this valley and up here to the top of this scared mountain. The fractal seed unfurling.



As I look far into the distance of this valley I see a pathway ascending out of it. And there yesterday at dawn I stood, greeting the sun. And the words came into my mind, unfurling within me,  "the fractal seed unfurls. The fractal seed unfurls." Again and again these words passed through me as I stood there at the other end of the valley, one earth rotation ago as the planet revealed the sun over the rim of the mountains.

I ask you. I can explain, I can show, I can feel, I can work out the entire physical chain of events from the creation of a rainbow from the raindrops, from the creation of the sounds of the river from the little ripples on its surface. But where, where, where did those words come from yesterday at dawn as I stood on that pathway that I see now in the distance at the other end of the valley?

"The fractal seed unfurls. The fractal seed unfurls."

Where did those words come from?

As I stand upon the magic mountain at the dawn of the estuary, where the river flows into the mighty sea, I ask myself where are THESE words unfurling from?

I’m going down the mountain now, going to have breakfast by the pool with Freddy. I’ve got some thoughts about where these words are coming from. At least observations. One of which is that they take a lot of energy. I don’t know why. Another one is they don’t seem to come out around other people very well. Another one is that I don’t seem to be able to write that way - and in fact the words don’t have the same....punch when they are written. Just as a rainbow does not have the same glory when someone describes it in writing or in words. You just can't beat the real thing.

There is a feeling that I’m being visited. I have to have plenty of energy to attract the visitor. I have to be exercising so my blood is stirred up. I have to be alone in wilderness. I have to ask for the words to come. Ask my higher self to enter into my awareness.

I guess it’s a way of freeing my locks and bonds, of unsnaring the thoughts and letting them come out.

Whatever it is, afterwards, I feel a great joy, peace. A hum of satisfaction.

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