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The Hand Experiment

This experiment works best if you learn it by yourself and then do it with someone else or a group of people.

You learn quite a bit more about the process each time you do it with other people.

I'll do it with you now if you are willing. Of course, you could just read this and not do the experiment but that would defeat the objective of the experiment.

Here goes.

I'd like to point out a scientific problem that can't be solved by today's scientists.

It is a very important problem but it can be illustrated with a simple  experiment.

Begin by holding up your hand - either hand.

Make a fist and then extend the index finger.

Now, gently touch the tip of your nose with the tip of your index finger then put your hand back down again.

OK? Now, close your eyes and do it again, paying close attention to the exact moment you decide to begin moving your hand.

OK, I did that