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Time Cross

The time cross exercise improves our image of ourselves through time and the potentials of what we might be or might do. It is used in the 8 Mind Level Exercise.

To make a time cross, you'll need to have already learned how to do the torus experiment and works best if you have an established exercise path that you run along each day.

  1. Start your exercise series at an easy pace, just at the lower limits of Richard's 3 step.

  2. Time yourself to certain key places along the way.

  3. Each day, try to improve your time by moving a little faster.

  4. Maintain the torus exercise as you pass the way points so you see yourself in the center of the forces of becoming and the pathways into the future. As you pass your waypoints, check your time and think of where you were the day before. A few paces behind where you are today?

  5. Imagine yourself of yesterday walking on the same path, thinking the same things, doing the same torus exercise, but a few paces behind you. Visualize as clearly as you can yourself walking along just behind you, exercising, thinking about the torus as you are doing today.

    • You can also visualize yourself tomorrow (or the next time you do the exercise) as being in front of you. Perhaps just a few paces in front of you.   The you of the future is also doing the torus exercise on the same road, but now is moving faster, smoother, just a little better than you are today.

  6. The next time you do the exercise it will be easier - you will not only move faster, smoother, but the exercise will also be better because you have already practiced it.

  7. Now there are two of you behind yourself because you ARE the future person you visualized before. Think about the person behind you, the you of yesterday, visualizing you now. Be aware of the you of yesterday looking ahead down the road and "seeing" the you of today, thinking about you, knowing what you are doing.

  8. Now look ahead and visualize yourself the next time you will do this. You are just a few paces ahead, moving easier, a little fitter, feeling great, and you know as you look at the back of the you of tomorrow how exciting it must be for that you to know you are watching, smiling, moving well but still just a little behind.

Sensing yourself through time

Have you ever felt someone was watching you from behind and turned around and saw that there actually was someone there? Well, this is the feeling you begin to have as you walk and you don't have to turn around because you know who it is behind you. It is you of the day before.

Have you ever looked at someone in front of you, who's back was toward you, and "willed" them to turn around? Well, that's what you should be feeling like when you visualize the you of the future, but you already know that future you will not turn around because both of you have decided that won't happen.

Forming the Time Cross

  1. You build up a series of selves this way. With a you of the future somewhere ahead, leading the pack. A long line of torus forms linked together by your own being, your own thoughts, your own plans.

  2. Shift your viewpoint (your memory, your present awareness, your projected awareness) anywhere in the line, in the middle, at the back, in front. By shifting your viewpoint. You remember where you were in the beings behind you. You plan where you will be in the beings in front of you.

  3. Now realize that you might not be walking on the same side of the road. You might make small detours to the left or right. At any time, whenever you want. No matter where you are on the path you could go left or right. Experiment with this by moving to the left. Now the whole time line changes shape.

    The Time Cross, formed by imagining myself in the past and in the future, along with potential states to the left and right of my direction.


  1. Visualize the potential decisions you might make in the future or might have made in the past that would put your present being to the left or right of your actual position. And now realize that these alternative pathways would generate "yourself" to the left or right of you. See these as images of yourself walking to your left or right. A line of you abreast on the path or road, moving along together.

  2. Move your perspective up above this procession and see it as a cross of your own future, past, alternate and actual beings moving along the road. The procession is real, although your visualization of it is a model of what you know is (has) (will) happen.

  3. This is the time cross. Observe it from overhead as you walk or run, explore it into the past, the future, to the left to the right.

  4. All the while keep up the torus mantra you like best, or shift between them. And watch how the torus begins to alter shape as the forces of becoming move down the road with you. All of you.


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