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Vegetarian Variation on the Cauldron Exercise

The flower casts the memories of the plant into the future.

Once you have experienced the Cauldron Exercise, try this variation. Remember you need to do this exercise while walking or running, preferably where there are wildflowers and trees.

Contact the wind

Feel the wind flowing in and out of your center, merging with you, then moving out again.

Contact the wood.

See the wood standing in the forest. Feel the wood.

Integrate the wind and the wood.

See the wind moving the wood, entering the wood and leaving it transformed, absorbing the carbon dioxide and yielding oxygen.

Contact the water.

See the water moving throughout the wood. Integrate the water, the wood and the wind. See the green leaves as green flames rising from the wood as the wind and water enters and leaves their focus.

Contact the green flames

Integrate the green spirit with the water and the wood and the wind. Perceive the wind and the wood and the water and the green spirit igniting the Earth, rising up into the sunlight, unfolding.

Contact the Creative

And in their unfolding, contact the creative formed within the green flames. See the creative hidden in the flowers. Smell the creative calling with scents so beautiful and attractive. The creative is the sublime reverence and perseverance represented by the flower created by the wind and the wood and water and the green flames.

Contact the flower.

Integrate the flower with the green spirit, the water, the wood, the wind, the sun and the earth.

Within the flower the flame creates order from chaos in the form of a sphere, that becomes the seed.

Contact the seed.

Integrate the seed with the moisture, the spirit, the wood, and the wind. The seed overflows, ordering the chaos of the moisture, the wind and the earth into a fountain of memories and dreams, the flow of experience, the Way.

Once you have enjoyed this exercise try it with, thoughts as the pattern.


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