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Energizing the Torus 3

The torus as a graphic representation. Click for more information.


In the first Torus exercise, you imagined the flow of energy, information, and elements as they entered your focus, as you changed their direction, as they left you to change the world around you. In the second Torus exercise, you focused on the flow of information through the torus.

In this exercise you will focus on the flow of elements through the torus.

As you breathe, oxygen enters your lungs and it taken up by the hemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells and circulated to all parts of your body. The cells of your body take the oxygen from the blood and burn it within the mitochondria to produce the energy that powers your whole being. The oxygen is, in the process, attached to a carbon atom (derived from food you have eaten) and forms carbon dioxide. The cells pass the carbon dioxide to the blood and this is liberated into the air again in your lungs. And you exhale the carbon dioxide.

You change the direction of the oxygen molecules at several points. By the movement of your chest and diaphragm you change the movement of air to flow into the lungs. You change the direction of the molecules of oxygen at the interface of the air and blood and at the interface of the blood and cell, and at the interface of the cell and the mitochondrion, and back again.

Doing the Exercise

  1. Get warmed up with Richard's Three Step Yin/Yang while walking on a familiar, flat road or path with no traffic or anything to trip you (use common sense here).

  2. Begin by being aware of the flow of the torus as in the first experiment but focus on the cycle of oxygen through your system, concentrating on following the elements from the world around you, through your system, and back again.

    • The movement of air inwards into your center.

      • be aware of the wind moving through the trees (sight, sound, smell)

      • the movement of air over your body as you walk or run (air movement from the ambient wind versus the wind you make as you move through the atmosphere)

    • The mixing of these with you and the moments when you change their direction

      • pulling air into your lungs

      • exchanging the oxygen in your lungs

      • the movement of oxygen throughout your system (feel it going from the lungs to the heart and out to each and every portion of your body)

      • the uptake of oxygen by the cells and the mitochondria

      • the reverse flow moving spent oxygen to the blood, lungs

      • the movement of air as you exhale into the world around you

    • The movement of information, energy, elements outward from your focus into the world in all directions.

      • the force of your breath moving aside the atmosphere

      • your breath trailing behind you as you move on,

      • your breath taken by the wind to the trees, flowers, and other plants along your path

    • The impact of your changes on the world and the critical moment when you observe this impact.

      • the uptake of the carbon dioxide you exhaled by the plants and the movement of elements from you into the plants that grow alongside your special path.

      • the incremental increase of your elements within the growing plants as you do the walk each day.

      • the recycling of oxygen by the plants and the movement of this back into you in the next cycle (enhanced with the perfumes of the plant world).

  3. Hold your breath for a whole cycle (12 steps) and be aware of your growing desire to resume the flow. When you inhale again, concentrate on how good it feels.

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