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Error of Expectations ebook

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The Complete Series of all three ebooks.

Richard making Moirascopes. Each one has its own special personality. ©



and Reality Scopes


Moriascopes, are gold plated brass with ebony end plugs, filled with exotic and rare sea shells, antique glass, and other magical items to create hot fascination. The small Moirascope on my left is available for US$150 plus air mail. The big Neuron Busters are US$250. Sterling silver Moirascopes are US$1,000 and have precious gems as well as magical sea creatures and antique glass. I have also created gold Moirascopes with opals and other gems. If you have a spare US$9,000 and want something really amazing and unique, contact me.

Reality Scopes are US$150. These are individually hand made, and it takes me awhile to build one because of the complex lens system I designed. The reality scope creates a kaleidoscope of the world from only a few millimeters in front of the lens to infinity.

For ordering details, contact me

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