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The solution to the Hand experiment.

Aboriginal hand prints on a cave wall in Australia.

By now, you might have worked out the solution to the hand experiment all by yourself.

The answer is very easy to put into words, but is very difficult to perceive.

By concentrating on the cells as individual beings and yourself as an individual being I distracted you from the fact that both you and your cells are manifested together as one part of a single communications web, integrated in nested layers of communications within your system and within the world surrounding you.

Your "being" both collective and individual, is a process of intercommunications.

All of your cells and you (as a collective) are created as part of a single process by the flow of information through the communication network as you and your cells interact with your internal and external environment.

Think about it.

You read a series of words suggesting you perform the finger to nose experiment.

The words were visual environmental parameters that formed detailed signals from the retina of your eyes to the billions of neurons of your brain. Because you learned how to read English, the communication network between neurons manifested the correct patterns to evoke learned patterns of behavior, cascading messages to build new interpretations.

You knew what the letters spelling out "finger" and "hand" represented. You understood the suggestion of touching your nose because the cellular communication network created both the thoughts (your mind) and the directed communications from the intrepreted language presenting the concept. This flow of information resulted in redirected signals to the muscle cells responsible for making a fist, extending the index finger, and moving the finger tip to the tip of the nose..

There was no separate "self" communicating with the cells. Self and cells are manifested together as part of a continuous web of intercommunications.

We see you and we see the cells, as independent objects. What we can't perceive without highly sophisticated scientific equipment, is the communication web creating you and the cells.

We cannot sense the communication web directly because our senses are created by the web of communications.

You appear from moment to moment as the cumulative inter-communications of all of your cells. The way the cells shape themselves and the messages they send in the form of molecules, electrical impulses, and even microwaves create - and are created by - the web of communications existing between them, and between you and the environment around you.

Mind and Matter

This web of communications not only gets the cells to hold their physical forms in just the right position to create your total form, it is also the fabric of your mental activity. The web of communications creates your mind at the same time as it creates your form.

When "you" decide to do anything at all, the decision is a process within the whole web of communications existing between all of the hundreds of trillions of creatures that make up your collective self. The web of communications is your larger, total mind. It manifests the body and the mind of each cell and the whole collective based on the cellular capabilities created during your growth from egg to adult.

We can prove this in two ways.

First of all, we could inject curare into your body, even a tiny amount. This would not damage the cells, but it would short-circuit the communication web between the cells. Tests, conducted by Amazonian Indians who use curare on their blow-darts, show that when the cellular communications stop, the individual being stops moving, stops breathing, and the whole individual and all of the cells die, decompose, and vanish.

A less drastic proof is available. It is to expand your awareness to a larger share of the mind that created your form and maintains it from instant to instant. This so-called larger mind is accessible in the same way that you can experience your cellular communications by moving your awareness into any part of your body. You can try this immediately, by "feeling" the big toe on your right foot. Or moving the center of your awareness to the palm of your right hand. Or lightly touching your fingertip almost anywhere with a very sharp pin.

This proof comes from participation in the other experiments of the Thread of Awareness Web. It is proof by experience, the gaining of a new perception. You have to do the experiments to become adept at the perception.

The hand experiment and related information can be found in the story of the Keop's BBQ in Papua New Guinea.