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Experiencing The Thread of Awareness in Chaos

You have reached a summary, a key, and an index to the thread of awareness matrix scattered through the world wide web. If you arrived here through one of the many interwoven websites you already have an idea of what the thread of awareness is. You may already understand how the thread of awareness of all living creatures collectively weaves our existence from the chaotic interface of earth atoms and solar radiation. You may be ready to shuck your old, encrusting and limiting shell of convictions, and free your mind to move into new realms of experience and understanding.

We base our perspective of the world around us on a core set of ideas. If you base your core understandings of the world around you on facts, and not beliefs, you start each moment of your life on a firm and real foundation.

Life is not founded on beliefs. It is founded on facts. The key is to know the difference between facts and beliefs.

Here, and in the matrix of the thread of awareness web sites, you will learn 4 basic facts of life. They are not mystical, not esoteric, not metaphysical, but these 4 simple truths will profoundly alter your perspective. If you take the time to recognize these truths and found your world-view on them, the world will become more understandable and enjoyable.

If you navigate the matrix of websites, or even easier you can buy the ebooks (see the ebook versions on the left of this page with the entire matrix on it including larger photos.

If you conduct the dozens of indoor and outdoor exercises and experiments in The Thread of Awareness you will be able to directly experience the thread of awareness.  You don't have to believe in the thread of awareness, you only have to re-cognize it. And while you can accept and prove the 4 basic facts intellectually, taking the next step to self-awareness isn't easy. But it is profoundly rewarding.

The thread of awareness is the core event of emotions, consciousness, perceptions, memories, genetic heritage, and responses. You can perceive it as clearly as you already perceive its derivations, like pain or joy or sight or your sense of time.

And with this perception you will begin to unravel the true depth and wonder of your life.

Consider this.

or get right to Fact 1.